Tuba talks about the physics of beaches
Tuba and Merrick talk about beach recovery

This link will take you a video in the Oregon Sea Grant website where Tuba and Merrick talk about the experimental facilities at OSU and how they use it to explore beach recovery.

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NMG at the AGU Fall Meeting 12

We will be sharing our latest research results with the international community from December 3 to 7 at the AGU Fall Meeting 2012 in San Francisco, California. The NMG will have four posters and four presentations in the areas of data assimilation, nearshore processes, operational wave forecasting, and renewable energy. Click here to download our itinerary.

Two New Students Join NMG
  • Rebecca Aiken from the University of Delaware joins our research group to study the vertical profiles of eddies outside the surfzone
  • Sarah Martin, an OSU alumni, joins our research group to investigate the nearshore effects of wave energy converters. Before joining the NMG she worked for the City of Portland and for the USACE.